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Massage Therapy

Treat your precious body to massage therapy. The healthful, reviving qualities of this experience are beyond what you would imagine.

**If you are a new guest to Lori’s, please allow yourself an extra 10-15 minutes to fill out Health Consent and New to Business Forms.

Service fees will be applied to all service tickets.

Relaxation Massage

30 minute session…  $55
45 minute session...  $75
60 minute session…  $95
75 minute session...  $120
90 minute session…  $130


Couples Massage

You and your partner or loved one will receive a massage at the same time. Enjoy a relaxing massage in our couples massage room with a fireplace. *Limited availability, please call to inquire*

60 minute session…$190 ($95/each)
90 minute session…$260 ($130/each) 


Deep Tissue

30 minute session…$95
60 minute session…$115
90 minute session…$150


Clinical Massage

60 minute session…$105

Clinical massage is a specialized therapy that finds and addresses the root cause. Unlike relaxation or spa massages, clinical massage is often performed with a more therapeutic intention, targeting pain, discomfort, or dysfunction areas. It involves a detailed assessment of the client's condition, targeted techniques, and a treatment plan designed to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and promote overall healing. Clinical massage may include breathwork, electrical muscle stimulation, TENS, cupping, active release technique (ART), trigger point therapy (TPT), and other techniques.

30 minute session…$65

This is the same as a 60-minute clinical massage for clients with a 60-minute session.  This session is mainly for existing clients who have had a 60-minute session with a treatment plan in place.


Integrated Clinical Relaxation Massage

Discover the best of both worlds with our Integrated Clinical Relaxation Massage. This hybrid service combines the precise, targeted approach of clinical massage with the soothing, therapeutic benefits of relaxation massage. This unique 90-minute session is designed to address therapeutic needs and deep relaxation.

Our Integrated Therapeutic Relaxation Massage begins with a detailed assessment to identify pain, discomfort, or dysfunction areas. Utilizing advanced techniques used in clinical massage, we aim to find and address the root cause of your discomfort, improve mobility, and promote overall healing.

Followed by a relaxing Swedish massage to ensure a serene and calming experience. The massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which is conducive to healing and recovery, perfect for amplifying the effects of clinical massage.

Each session is tailored to your current needs, offering a customized blend of therapeutic and relaxing methods to leave you feeling balanced, rejuvenated, and at peace.
Experience the ultimate holistic wellness with our Integrated Therapeutic Relaxation Massage, where healing meets tranquility.

90 minute session...$160


Hot Stone Massage

This massage uses smooth, flat, hot stones that relax your muscles, improve circulation, and calm your nervous system.

60 minute session...$115

75  minute session...$140
90 minute session…$150


Lori's Signature Massage

This luxurious massage includes aromatherapy, oil scalp massage, hot stones and a nourishing hand treatment.

90 minute session…. $163
120 minute session… $197


Serenity Massage

This wonderful service includes a 45 minute foot reflexology with hot towels and a full body 75 minute massage.

 120 minute session... $197


Hand, Foot, and Scalp Treatment 

This treatment is perfect for the guest that loves hand, foot and scalp massage. Complimented with an nourishing hand treatment and the aroma of your choice.

60 minutes…$100


Pregnancy Massage

Creates relief from fatigue, leg cramps, body aches and enhances sleep. This is the ultimate pampering experience for the mother to be. When booking this massage please let us know how far along you are in your pregnancy.

60 minute session…$100


Chair Massage

Enjoy a chair massage session at our spa. This may be done on the table or massage chair. This is the perfect gift for you or your employees! Looking for massage at your workplace? Click here for packages.

20 minute session...$35


Foot Reflexology

Experience Foot Reflexology, a method of applied pressure to reflexes in the foot which corresponds with each & every gland, organ, and system of the body.  Stimulation of these reflexes can improve circulation, relieve stress, relax the body, and effectively facilitate the natural healing process; thereby revitalizing and enhancing your total health.

30 minute session…$50
60 minute session…$83



Reiki is a beautiful, ancient energy healing experience. It can help with physical pain, emotional-release/healing, feeling stuck or unbalanced, finding your inner sense of calm, slowly releasing and clearing out past-trauma, strengthening your voice/throat chakra, etc. Each session has soft music, soothing breath-work, personalized reiki healing session, and brief processing/discussion afterwards.

Option to lay on the massage table or sit in a chair - fully clothed with a blanket covering.

Online scheduling not available. Please call

45 minute session...$68
60 minute session...$88


Spa Service Upgrades

Please notify us when scheduling appointment, for any upgrades you'd like.

Nourishing Hand or Foot Treatment:
Warm mitts are placed on your hands while a restorative treatment serum nourishes, improves texture and tone; leaving your hands silky soft. For the feet, hot towel are used…$20 each 

Composition Oil Scalp Massage:
Enjoy an aromatic massage with your choice of a warm composition oil to nourish and condition your scalp… $20


Scalp Solution Treatment Massage: This high-touch sensorial scalp massage addresses scalp concerns and features professional-only products to help defend against the signs of  premature scalp  aging... $20  *This treatment should never be performed on the same day as a color service or less than one week prior to a color service.

Your choice of massage will take place in a comfortable room, providing the setting for your complete relaxation experience. After you dress down to your level of comfort you will lie on a warm massage table, draped with sheets. Our skilled massage therapists will apply pressure that suits your preference, using a light oil or lotion.



**If you are a new guest to Lori’s, please allow yourself an extra 10-15 minutes to fill out Health Consent and New to Business Forms.

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