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Easy Shopping with Pure Privilege

Dec. 19th 2018

Dear Friend,

Recently, my friend and client, Jenny, shared the following and she suggested I share it with you. Here’s what she wrote:

“Wow, Lori!  I guess I really understand how cool the Pure Privilege program is now!

After my last massage appointment, the nice young woman at your reception desk helped me check my Pure Privilege points balance. Then, she told me about all of the different products and services that I could get using my points. I was shocked to hear what I could get!

You know Lori, there are a lot of places that have rewards programs and give you coupons or little plastic cards that hang on your keychain or whatever — and a lot of times, frankly, they seem to be more trouble than they’re worth.

Well, after just buying an item here and  there, I had racked-up over 9000 points!  I went home and signed-on to the website and was so happy to see I had enough for so many things! They make it easy and have many different products you can get by redeeming different amounts of points. Finally, I decided on:

A full-sized jar of Stress Fix lotion (my favorite!) A full-sized tube of Beautifying cream Cleansing Oil


A full-sized Botanical Kinetics Purifying Cream Cleanser

It was easy to quickly make the order and I didn’t even have to pay for shipping — and now I have three great gifts for my daughter!”

Wow!  That is MY kind of shopping!

Hearing stories like that is why we here at Lori’s are always encouraging our guests to participate in Aveda Pure Privilege Rewards.  We think it’s the best “give-back” program out there.  Did you know that:

* For each dollar you spend on products, you earn 10 points?

* If it’s double or *triple* points time, you receive 20 or 30 points for every dollar spent?

* You can redeem points for seven tiers of gifts (products and services!), beginning at 1,500 points?


And, as my friend Jenny pointed out, make a purchase “here and there” and those points really start adding up!  So, stop into Lori’s this week and find out more about Aveda Pure Privilege Rewards.  And, if you’re already a rewards member, you might even have enough to do a little “shopping”  yourself.  Check it out!


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Star Product of The Month!

Aug. 21st 2017

Here at Lori’s we are starting to feature a star products of the month from Aveda’s bestselling products! Up first is the Thickening Tonic! It instantly thickens hair and expands strands from roots to ends! This product is super easy to use just spray through towel –dried hair, comb through, blow dry and style.

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Day & Night Summer Make-up Looks!

Jun. 22nd 2017

Make-up is a fun way to express yourself and sometimes you just want something a little different depending on what time of day it is! Here are two looks for summer, a night and day look, all Aveda products! (Click on photo to make larger)

Base (both looks):

  • Mineral Skin Tint in Beechwood (SPF) -  all over face.
  • Concealer in Birch - blended under eyes.
  • Dual powder in Linen - all over face to set the face.
  • Uruku bronzer in Brazilian Sun - In the hollows of the cheeks.
  • Blush in Tesserae
  • Mosscara in Black

Day Look:

  • Eye trio in Golden Jasper

Middle shade in the crease of the eye, Darkest shade on the outer corner of the eye and the lightest shade all over the lid.

  • Smoothing Lipstick in Cana

Night Look:

  • Eye Trio in Black Tulip

Take the grey shade all over the lid and blend some of the black into the outer corner for an easy smokey eye!

  • Smoothing Lipstick in Snap Dragon


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Earn Bonus Points on Gift Sets Through November 23rd!

Nov. 4th 2016

The Holidays are right around the corner! Stop in and grab your loved ones an Aveda gift set! Now through November 23rd earn bonus Pure Privilege Points when you purchase any gift set.

300 bonus points with purchase of 1 set

600 bonus points with purchase of 2 sets

900 bonus points with purchase of 3 sets

1200 bonus points with purchase of 4 sets


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River Falls School Supply Program

Jul. 20th 2016

Here at Lori's we love to give back to our community, every Wednesday our staff can choose to wear jeans with a donation of $2, A non-perishable food item or a school supply item! Now through August 15th we have a way that you, our guests can give back too. You can bring in a school supply item any day of the week and you will receive 10% off one Aveda item per visit (Not to be combined with any other coupons) and the supplies will be given to the River Falls School Supply Program! It's a win for everyone!

food bagIMG_1802

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River Falls Days Throw Back!

Jun. 28th 2016

River Falls Days is right around the corner and what better way to get excited than some throwback pictures! Here at Lori's we love to invite our staff and guests to watch the parade with us! We will have hot dogs with condiments and anyone is welcome to bring a dish to pass if they'd like. Bring a chair and join us Friday July 8th for the parade, just look at all the fun we've had in the past!

IMG_1159IMG_1165 IMG_1178

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10% Off Our Summer Must Haves! (June 1st-30th)

Jun. 4th 2016

Summer is upon us and that also means it's time to pay extra attention to protecting our skin and hair from the sun! This month we are offering 10% off our summer must haves, below are the four products we think you need this summer!

  • Daily light guard defense fluid broad spectrum - Use every morning to gain a sheer, weightless defense against elements that damage skin. This product is also double points until June 30th!
  • Sun care protective hair veil - Spray on dry or damp hair before or while in the sun for an invisible screen to minimize dryness and damage for up to 16 hours.
  • Sun care hair and body cleanser - Apply on wet hair and body after being in the sun, salt or chlorine to remove build up and regain moisture.
  • Lip saver - Use as often as you'd like to soothe, moisturize and relieve dry lips. A purse essential  for sure!

Stop in and see us at Lori's Salon and Day Spa to stock up on all the must haves to keep summer fun and safe!


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What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

May. 7th 2016


M in Mother is for... Meals
Whether your mom was a culinary whiz that could make a masterpiece out of mayonnaise and eggs or one that thought mayonnaise on eggs was a mouthwatering lunch, we have to salute her attempts. Making meals each day for a family is not an easy task, especially if Mom is a working mom that spends all day "earning the bacon" only to come home to picky kids that refuse to eat it. Aprons off to you, Mom and all those meals you made out of love and even the ones you heated up in the microwave.

O in Mother is for... Ointments
When you become a mother your bathroom cabinets and drawers contain less beauty products (who has time, unless is Aveda) it is replaced with assorted ointments and elixirs. Here's to mom's ointments, even if it is just an antibiotic cream and aspirin.

T in Mother is for... Teaching
Moms are the greatest teachers in the world. We learn from her a brand of skills that only a mom can provide. She teaches us how to walk, then run in a world that only wants to knock us down. She teaches us the art of negotiation (I never did like sharing) how to stand on our own for the first time (kindergarten was scary) and how to face bad circumstances with boldness and determination. Thanks mom for the courage to flourish!
Mom hears all!

H in Mother is for... Hearing
Moms have supersonic hearing. They can determine the difference between a cry of annoyance or one of pain. Her hearing can pick up the smallest rattle of a cookie jar lid or the slowest creek of a door being snuck through late at night. Her ears are in tune to the giggles of first love and to detect the hushed cry of a broken heart. Moms hear what we say and what we don't.

E in Mother is for... Eternal
The moment a baby is placed in a mother's arms, picked up at the airport or  from another loving mother's arms, she is eternally in love. It doesn't matter what we look like, or smell like, a mother's love holds fast.  A mother's love is boundless and eternal.

R in Mother is for... Right
As teenagers we always think our moms are so out-of-tune to life. We think their "ancient" brand of wisdom is ridiculous and that we ourselves know it all. However, after we chase after our own understanding, we usually come back to realize that Mom was right (whether we admit it to her or not). She was right about the latest look not being quite right for us (blue hair did not suit my skintone), she was right about needing to study hard, even though we wanted to spend the extra time with friends and she was right about the "bad boy" breaking our heart. Thank you to all your rightness, mom, and for still being there, without the I-told-you-so's, once we figured it out.
Let's celebrate our moms this Mother's Day. Let's appreciate her for all she's done and all she has seen us through. It's only one day even though she deserves this and so much more.If you've lost your mom, like so many of us have...Love on someone else's mom!

Happy Mother's Day, Moms and ALL women!



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Double Points Weekend Going On Now! (5/5-5/7)

May. 5th 2016


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