20 Interesting Facts

1. How many different AKA’s for Lori’s
– 4

2. The first location of Lori’s
– Locust Street, River Falls

3. How many years were we at the first location
– 8

4. How many massage rooms existed in the first location
– 2

5. Who was the first employee
– Shelly

6. Who was the first NFL football player to contact lori for a massage
– Joe Montana

7. How many years has Loris carried Aveda
– 14

8. What year was the salon added
– 2011

9. How many renovations have been done to the existing building
– 6

10. Who is typically remodeling at 4:00 a.m.
– Pat Moran

11.Who is responsible for the beautiful gardens at Lori’s
– Sara Karlson and Deb Hoffman

12. What is typically offered or asked to each guest when they arrive
– Tea & “Can we take your coat?”

13. Who can name the events where we donate our chair massage services
– Relay for Life, Tri-Angels, River Falls Day Race,  and River Falls Hospital Women’s Empowerment Event

14. How many different corporations has Lori done chair massage for
– 9

15. How many staff are currently employed at Lori’s
– 17

16. Who has been employed the longest at Lori’s
– Tracey 20 plus years

17. What services does Tracey provide
–  (nails, skin and waxing)

18. What was one of our male therapists names?
– Del

19. Who is our favorite, timely, fun, and opinionated web and print designers?
– Voila! Media Group

20. Where is our largest sign displayed or hanging?
– First National Bank River Falls field

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