Day & Night Summer Make-up Looks!

Day & Night Summer Make-up Looks!

Make-up is a fun way to express yourself and sometimes you just want something a little different depending on what time of day it is! Here are two looks for summer, a night and day look, all Aveda products! (Click on photo to make larger)

Base (both looks):

  • Mineral Skin Tint in Beechwood (SPF) –  all over face.
  • Concealer in Birch – blended under eyes.
  • Dual powder in Linen – all over face to set the face.
  • Uruku bronzer in Brazilian Sun – In the hollows of the cheeks.
  • Blush in Tesserae
  • Mosscara in Black

Day Look:

  • Eye trio in Golden Jasper

Middle shade in the crease of the eye, Darkest shade on the outer corner of the eye and the lightest shade all over the lid.

  • Smoothing Lipstick in Cana

Night Look:

  • Eye Trio in Black Tulip

Take the grey shade all over the lid and blend some of the black into the outer corner for an easy smokey eye!

  • Smoothing Lipstick in Snap Dragon


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